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The hardest part about owning a pet is knowing when to say goodbye.  Our clinic offers euthanasia services when that time comes.  We are here to make this difficult time as easy for you and your pet as possible.  


  The cost does depend on the size of your pet and how recent their last exam with us was.  There are several options for burial as well.  Of course you can bring your pet home for burial, or we offer two different cremation options.  Trusted Journey is a wonderful company located here in Indiana.  They offer cremation with ashes spread in one of their beautiful gardens or private cremation with ashes being returned to you.   All ashes being returned will come back in a tin urn with a card that has your pet's name on the bottom, and flower seeds that can be planted if you wish.  They also have many beautiful urns you can purchase if you would like.  Clay paw prints, specialized picture frames, and garden stones are also items Trusted Journey can provide.  

If you would like to learn more about Trusted Journey or see photos of their gardens, please click the link below.  They also offer appointments to visit the garden and can tell you the location your pet's ashes where spread if you choose that option.  

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