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Dentals and Surgery

Our clinic preforms routine surgeries such as spaying and neutering, dentals, and more complex surgeries such as mass removals.  

All surgeries require a current exam of your pet within the last three months.  We can preform the exam the day of surgery for spaying and neutering with an additional charge of the exam fee of $50. Dentals and mass removals will require a prior consultation with the doctor and an estimate of surgery cost will be determined at that time.  Any patients over the age of 7 years will need bloodwork prior to anesthesia for their safety.  We also require an IV catheter during surgery for any pets over 7 years old and also brachycephalic breeds such as bulldogs, boxers, pugs, etc. Bloodwork and the IV catheter are in addition to the prices below. 

Petcare Animal Hospital follows very strict guidelines on anesthesia and recovery per our AAHA accreditation.  We love your pets like our own, and will address any concerns you may have about your pet's surgery.


Canine Spay 2-25 lbs  $210

                      26-50 lbs     $250       

                      51-90 lbs     $300    

                      91 lbs +         $350 

                        Additional  $105 if pregnant or in heat.

Canine Neuter 2-25 lbs   $190 

                         26-50 lbs         $220

                         51-90 lbs         $260

                         90 lbs+              $320

Feline Spay                       $185

                          Additional $50 if pregnant or in heat.

Feline Neuter                   $150

Gastropexy                        $525 

Dentals start at               $380

   Microchip with surgery $40     

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